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Lydia Madero

Professional masseuse
Holistic health, Self-care
and wellness
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I welcome you to my space!
If you don't know me yet, my name is Lydia Madero, professional masseuse and therapist.
I have been dedicated to the world of massage and natural therapies;  and comprehensive support of anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and prioritize their well-being. 
My work vision is global, that is, I focus on the physical, energetic, emotional and subtle well-being as a whole that is interconnected and that interfere with each other. 
That is why I put into practice in each massage session everything that has helped me in my personal and professional path. 

My main tools, in addition to professional massage, are:meditation, conscious breathing techniques, kinesiology, oriental techniques, psychosomatic and emotional work, and energy work techniques such as feminine tantra, TRE, among others.

I am currently continuing to train as a therapist infamily constellations; trauma and constantly updating myself in the wonderful world of the human body, anatomy and biomechanics. 

My main objective It is being able to guide you so that you acquire tools that help you return to yourself, to the present, that help you feel and listen to your body and give it the care and attention it deserves, to live from balance, coherence and internal harmony. And above all, my goal is to remind you that health begins within you. That is, sometimes we look "outside" for the solution to our disharmony, when in reality it is we ourselves who have the power to regulate ourselves, returning to basics. To take care of our diet, rest and sleep hygiene, hydration, body mobility, emotional management, etc. All the therapeutic resources that we have at our disposal are valid and necessary, therefore, my purpose is to share them, but they do not replace a quality lifestyle where our basics are intrinsically cared for. (You can read more about this topic in my BLOG)
Four years ago I founded ALMA IBIZA MASSAGE. 
A company dedicated to well-being where the mission is to expand, with the help of other qualified professionals in their sector and committed to health who work and collaborate in our team, our work philosophy and values; and be able to offer you different services related to personal care. 
The main purpose is to offer an exclusive 5* mobile service of personalized therapeutic massages and wellness services throughout the island of Ibiza, thus creating the most appropriate experience for youwith a wide variety of therapies, massages, techniques and experiences without the need to leave home; performing our services at home, salon, events, villas, yachts, hotels and retreats. Also, we care about you natural beauty, With which we put at your disposal various beauty services so that you can take care of and pamper your skin and highlight your external beauty.
We work and collaborate with different hotels in Ibiza and San Antonio, and highly prestigious private service companies on the island that range from concierge and private driver services, to rental and management of villas, yachts, event organization, etc. 
Whether you are from the island of Ibiza or if you come to enjoy your vacation, Contact me to organize your stay privately and be able to bring the greatest comfort and well-being to your daily life. We care about your health.

"We cannot be free without feeling safe in our skin"

As work?

For me, massage and touch are an art where I express, dance and connect with what your body needs here and now. For this reason, my way of working is by putting an individual and personalized look, to be able to offer you my knowledge and tools adapted to you, making a unique session depending on your needs at that very moment. Every day we need different stimuli, and that is the basis of my work,conscious listening to the body, the presence and fusion of all the tools that I have acquired and have passed through me over the years. 
you can find from Sports massages, decontracting and specific according to the area to be treated or ailments, aesthetic body massages where I merge maderotherapy with brazilian shaping drain, sessions of kinesiology, yoga and/or stretching sessions to work on flexibility and body awareness, relaxing and energetic manual experiences (Alma massage) to therapies focused on your most emotional and energetic part (Soul Therapy); as well as rituals and experiences (Care Experience or Sound Experience). 

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