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Alma Ibiza massage. Masajista ibiza. Servicio a domicilio
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Alma Ibiza Massage was born from the inner need to capture everything that has served me in my personal and professional path. 


Alma Ibiza Massage grows and changes as I do it, following my own process of evolution and personal development. 


I have learned (and am still in constant training) over the last few years, both in professional training and self-taught, Western and Eastern massage techniques, and I have learned about the energetic, emotional and unconscious world that makes up us; in addition to nourishing myself with the wisdom of colleagues in the sector. 


I began training in the physical body, nervous system, anatomy, biomechanics, etc. and, simultaneously I have continued studying  tools that help us on an emotional and energetic level such as belief work and emotional management, conscious breathing, kinesiology, meditation, feminine tantra, conscious dance, among other psycho-body techniques focused on body safety and trauma work. 

I am currently training in family constellations and systemic work.


The purpose of my work, in addition to helping you on a physical level, is to accompany you to obtain tools that help you on a daily basis to find the peace and presence that we all need, to connect with our body and feel safe in it, to calm our mind and to know how our chemistry, our unconscious and our most internal and emotional world work. 


For me, massage and touch are an art where I express, dance and connect with what your body needs here and now. That's why my way of working is to take an individual and personalized look, doing a unique session depending on your needs at that very moment. 
Every day we have different needs, and that is the basis of my work, conscious listening to the body, presence and the fusion of all the tools that I have learned and that have passed through me throughout these years. 


I consider it important to understand that our physical, energetic, biochemical, structural and emotional parts must be worked on simultaneously and maintained in balance to enjoy good health and well-being. These being the bases of kinesiology. 


Physical health is conditioned by the nervous system and the management we make of stress and day-to-day problems or problems and traumas from the past that we carry engraved on our skin. It is also conditioned by the functioning of our organs and glands, and they, in turn, by our emotional part. It interferes with how we relate to our energy... and thus, an endless and interconnected wheel.

This is why we must take care of and make the body more flexible, learn to take care of it and prioritize it, but let's not stay in the most physical and superficial part, because our body is not separated from our mind and energy field. Let's learn to take a look at it and take care of it fully.


And this is my goal in my profession; accompany and guide you in your personal development process and accompany you to heal your most physical part; sharing knowledge regarding global self-care, so that you live aligned with who you ARE, so that your internal peace and your physical, mental, energetic and emotional health prevail.


As previously I haveentioned, Alma Ibiza massage It is a project dedicated to personal care that with great dedication is growing and expanding. For this reason, I have used the help of colleagues and qualified professionals, each in their activity, and I have been adding over time, and the implementation, other additional services to those that are my responsibility, to be able to expand my menu. of services and offer you different experiences adapted to you; As well as private services for all those people who visit Ibiza and want a structured, safe and high quality stay.


On my social networks you can find free content related to personal care and learn more about how we work on a daily basis.


Happy to accompany you :)

Love, Lydia.

Alma Ibiza massage. Ibiza masseuse. Massage and wellness

Training & Knowledge

- Formation of family constellations. Nadaji School - Cristina Lozano. 2023
- Training Transgenerational Kinesiology. Toni Collado. 
- Workshop Tantra 2022. Elma Roura. Tandava, unblocking of sexual energy, erotic trance, polarities, meditation and breathing techniques.
- Workshop 2022 -The wound of Abandonment- Elma Roura.
- Training Applied Kinesiology - Kiros Ibiza Institute.
Energy Medicine -Donna Eden
Breathwork -Josh Seiler
Colombian abdominal marking - April Physio
- Training Akashic Records - Shelter Space
- Brazilian lymphatic drainage. Fisioparallevar, Abril López
- Brazilian drainage .Manuela Bernardi Academy
- Sacred Land Workshop. Alchemy Woman. Psycho-body work and trauma chemistry.
- Trauma and body :
Study of books by great references in the field of trauma and psychosomatic work

- Workshop Tantra: sex, love, consciousness. Sajeeva Hurtado
- Course Moxibustion. Miguel Angel Nogueira
- Energy medicine. 
Digitopressure, meridians.

Californian massage
Lomi Lomi Massage- aloha space
- Formed at Akashic Records Level 1 and 2 - Tatiana Romero
- Formed at Acupuncture for pain Level 1 and 2. Kiros Institute Ibiza

- Course reflexology foot in Thai medicine. Miguel Angel Nogueira
- Course "The treatment of fascia".  Anghel DS
- Course Muscle chains. Anghel DS
- Course osteopathy and manual therapy (Pelvis and lumbar). Anghel DS.
- Course Deep tissue Myofascial Release. Michael Eric Everson.

- Formation of Reiki level 1. ReikisaludIbz
- Formed at Maderotherapy. Namaste School, Ibiza
- Work conscious breathing
- Course Thai massage: sacrum and head. Thai Spirit
- Course initiation to meditation Mindfulness. Xuan Lan
- Training Course Mindfulness
- OSHO dynamic meditation and meditation 
- Formation of Yoga. European School of Sport
- Training Sports Coach. European School of Sport.
- Training: Comprehensive emotional therapy.Namaste School, Ibiza.Transgenerational analysis, Bach Flowers, Introduction to Holistic Kinesiology
- Formed at Traditional Thai massage. Namaste School, Ibiza
- Basic level training. Teacher of Neurodance. Quantum Intelligence Higher School
- Movement and dance pedagogy course certified byAfroyin
Sport massage
Anatomy and biomechanics

- Formed at Chiromassage Professional - Atlas Massage School, Ibiza
- Copywriter Course
- MBA Master. The power MBA
- FPGM: Technician in socio-health care. 

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